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Google Next


Transforming the conference digital experience.

Android App • Pitch Work



Google approached Accenture with the goal of creating an innovative Conference experience that started before the opening speaker even went on stage. We wanted to not only highlight the power of integrated Google apps, but have delightful moments that true power users of the Google products would love. From the moment a user signs up for the conference we nudge them to connect with colleagues, show them relevant sessions based on their LinkedIn profile, use G-suite apps like Google Drive to collect session materials and notes, and guide them through the conference with indoor way-finding/Augmented Reality. 

We created this pitch in just a few weeks and were selected to build the app for Google Next 2018. 


Speaking Google

It was important that we not only applied design thinking to incorporate digital wayfinding and conference messaging, but utilize Google's applications, design patterns and methodology. I brushed up on Material Design and applied the latest design patterns to ensure consistent design systems and terminology for the pitch.

We wanted to use the power of Google's data and social media APIs to increase personalization and delight conference participants. The app surfaces contextual messaging when the user lands at SFO, surfaces a Lyft ride (or Waymo for C-suite execs) to the Conference hotel, and knows what time the Meet and Greet in the evening is. We also encourage socialization and networking with the ability to pick seats at a session and to show the user where their colleagues are sitting. Since the schedule is updated in the app in real time, we're able to cross-reference schedules with colleagues and coordinate break times. 

Not only did we want a smart, contextual app, but we also wanted to surface the power of Google's Cloud (the subject matter of the conference). To do that we created the idea of a 'behind the curtain' demonstration of the app's capabilities. We're suggesting coffee with a friend, but more importantly we're showing you how we used the Google Cloud to create the algorithm that got us there.